N3, Splicing Wire Connector

Time:2019.10.25 Publisher:Anytek

N3 is splicing wire connector, used for building electrical industry. There are 2P/3P/5P for option, permit max five wires connecting at the same time.


Technical Data:

  • Standard:                      UL486C

  • Rated voltage:               600V

  • Rated current:                35A

  • Wire range:                    24-12AWG

  • Wire strip length:            11-12mm

  • Operating temperature:  -40℃ to 105℃


  • All conductor types with size from 0.2 to 4 mm²(24–12 AWG) is possible;

  • Transparent body for visual inspection shows whether the conductor is inserted properly and stripped to the correct length.

  • Two easy-to-access test ports, one in the conductor entry direction and one opposite of this, provide convenient testing conditions.

Wiring Instruction: