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AX - Mini waterproof box series

Product Features(产品特点)
  • Versatile - plug and play - Reusable(用途广泛-即插即用-可重复使用)

  • The rigidity of soft insulated wire can reach 4mm²(软绝缘线的刚性可达4mm²)

  • Pre filled rubber,non-toxic,no shelf life(预充胶,无毒,无保质期)

  • Small,compact and strong(体积小、紧凑、坚固)

  • Halogen-free(无卤素)

  • UV resistance(抗紫外线)


① The revolutionary mini accessories with 3 entrances,pre-filledwith gel and suitable for  submersible installations(IPX8).  


② Designed in 3 dimensions to rapidly insulate and seal the most commonly used connectors.  


③ The 3 entrances not only guarantee the extreme flexibility in the range of these products by making possible triple configurations but also by the housing accepting a wide variety of connectors.