Quality System

Anytek deeply understands what quality means to the survival of an enterprise and has been emphasizing the market-oriented policy and the effort in perfect product design, development and preventive actions. From IQC inspection, PQC inspection, self inspection, OQC inspection, electrical test to the relevant physical tests, every step is closely monitored according to the international quality and environmental standards.

  • Quality policy: Exquisite design, excellent quality, superior service, continuous improvement.

  • Quality objectives: Higher quality, lower cost. Better service, less complaint. Higher productivity, less manpower.

  • Quality commitment: Manage from source; Control the process; Improving and innovating.

Management System Certificates

Based on the green management, Anytek firmly stands by the concept of sustainable management, and quality requirements of "focus on perfection, almost demanding, and continuous improvement". We have passed ISO9001(Quality Management System), ISO14001(Environmental Management system) and ISO45001(Occupational Health and Safety Management System) .

Our Laboratory

Laboratory is the important foundation of a company's innovation and development. Amphenol - Anytek laboratory lists the budget every year to change and purchase the state-of-the-art instruments, which are able to inspect dimension, mechanical property, electrical property, environmental property and ensure the green production in order to assure all the parts and finished products are at their best quality. In addition, the regular calibration, professional training, and close cooperation with certification authorities ensure the correctness and reliability of relevant tests.

Our laboratory successfully won UL WTDP qualification in March, 2018, which will help us well to shorten UL certification time, and accelerate product development and provide customers with more excellent and competitive products.

Measurement Equipment

3D-Projector, X-RAY, RoHS Tester, etc.

Mechanical Test Equipment

Automatic Insertion and Withdrawal Tester, Insertion and Withdrawal Tester, Micro-hardness Tester, Digital Torque Meter, Polisher Machine, Precise Cutting Machine, etc.

Electrical Test Equipment

Withstanding Voltage Tester, Temperature Rise Tester,
Insulation Resistance Tester, Contact Resistance Tester, etc.

Environmental Performance Equipment

Steam Aging Tester, Constant Aging Tester, Electronic Oven, Salt Spray Tester, Rapid Temp. Change Chamber, Vibration Testing Machine, Thermal Shock Tester Chamber , Glow-wire Test Machine, etc.